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Ossie Clark

Hey, blog readers! Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite fashion icons of all time: Ossie Clark. He was a British designer who rocked the 60s and 70s with his gorgeous dresses that made women feel sexy and free. He was born in Oswaldtwistle in 1942 and had a tough childhood, but he had a passion for art and creativity. He met his soulmate, Celia Birtwell, at art college and they became the ultimate power couple. She designed the prints and he made the dresses. They were also mates with David Hockney, who painted them in their cool London flat with their cat, Percy.
Ossie Clark was a genius with fabrics and shapes. He knew how to flatter a woman's body and make her stand out. He used silk, chiffon, crepe, satin and velvet in vibrant colours and patterns. He loved plunging necklines, billowing sleeves, wraparound skirts and halternecks. He made dresses for Twiggy, Marianne Faithfull, Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger. He was the first British designer to sell his clothes in New York and he had his own label, Quorum, and a diffusion line, Ossie Clark for Radley.
Woman wearing Black Ossie Clark Vintage Maxi Dress on Beach at sunset
But Ossie Clark's life was not all glamour and fun. He had a lot of personal and professional problems. He divorced Celia in 1973 and had a string of affairs with men and women. He got into debt and legal battles. He left the fashion world in the 80s and became a recluse. He was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 1996 when he was only 54. It was such a tragic end for such a talented man.
I love Ossie Clark's designs because they are timeless and beautiful. They make me feel confident and happy. I have a few vintage pieces that I treasure and wear on special occasions. They always get compliments and admiring looks. Ossie Clark was a legend and an inspiration. He once said: "I don't care how much anything costs as long as it's beautiful." I couldn't agree more..
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